Defeat the government.  Keep your freedom.




If you have been arrested, you should immediately contact an attorney that knows how to fight the government in court.  Talk to an attorney before you provide any information to the government, sign any forms, or waive any rights.  Ask for a consultation to explore your options and learn about the ways you can succeed in court and keep your freedom.  

Attorney Shauna Segadelli Hoogendoorn

Attorney Hoogendoorn specializes in criminal defense, primarily practicing in the Greater Boston Area and on Cape Cod. 

Call or email now for a consultation about your legal situation and how you can win your case.  

At your consultation, Attorney Hoogendoorn will listen to your story and give you advice about what you should do next.  You may have many available legal options.  The quicker you contact an attorney, the more options you will probably have.  Attorney Hoogendoorn will help you fully understand your case.  She will consult you about the best strategy you can pursue in your case to reach the outcome you want.  Everything you and Attorney Hoogendoorn say in this private consultation is completely confidential, forever.  


Attorney Hoogendoorn only charges flat fees for the legal services she provides.  Flat fees mean that you will always know exactly how much your bill will be for the legal services you want.  You will never see unexpected costs on your bill.  

Arrange for a consultation and bring all of your documents that relate to your case.  

If you are seeking help with a criminal case, these documents include anything from the police, the government, or the court, as well as any papers that you think may be helpful evidence to prove your side of the case.  


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